Wise Financial Planning

Money does not – and indeed never was it ever intended to buy “accesses”. You can’t buy bliss or entrance to Heaven or TIME with it for example. You may only use it to register your intent with the Universe. Then it’s up to the Universe to test the strength of that intent, the fitness of the intender and the readiness to receive. If those conditions aren’t met sufficiently, the intent is either shelved for later, or put into a bit bucket, or moved to another level, and your monetary investment is generally forfeit. Not always though. Sometimes all you get back is your monetary investment without interest from the Universe, but there may be “some” kind of interest from the Morphogenic field of the Earth. That interest may yield negative or positive returns for you depending on the energy signature of your intent.

Now, money isn’t the only way you may register your intent with the Universe. In fact, if you aren’t awake enough in this dark early morning light to notice this, let me light a candle for you. Acts of love, honor, service will ALWAYS put you to the top of the list of priorities for the Universe’s consideration. If all you have is money – where on that list do you think your request will appear?

This testnet never fails and this ship won’t be stopped.

Does this change your perspective on Prophets, False Profits and “passive” income? I hope so.


Chaos Lord: be dignified
Kid at The Plaza of The Americas with a t-shirt: “I wanna be a royal”.
Lord Beelzabub: “Been there, done that. My subjects had me shitting gold bricks for them. Be noble instead, it’s a gas.”

Lord Beelzabub dropping his load.

White Rose’s bitcoins are dirty. This is well established. It doesn’t matter how much red becomes white-washed, those blood stains cannot be removed from them. Their apparatchik Lord FalseFlag Steele along with Operative Sasha Stone had it within their power to stop the blood-shed, but did they >>actually<< do anything about it? No, they talked a good storm though. Wolf Spirit warned the White Dragon about them, and she heard them. EOF

Ozzy Man Dias tried to become a Doctor (Edgar Cayce), but he got Dragon Fever and became a gold-digger. No one knows the inside workings of Financial Tyranny like David Wilcock – for a reason. You can connect the DOTS from there. Gizeh Intelligence is no match for Geezer Intelligence NOR Geiser Intelligence. EOF

Auguries of Innocence "When Gold & Gems adorn the Plow To peaceful Arts shall Envy Bow". 
(Personal comment: How poetic! and hopefully prophetic)

Lord Beelzabub got a memo from the Guerilla Gardeners . “Please send funding Pronto!” was all it said. So Tinker Bell made him a big steaming bowl of oatmeal and placed it before him.

“It’s such a lovely skill that you have, Lord – turning oatmeal into gold.” Bell didn’t make it soupy enough though, so he didn’t finish it, but didn’t complain to her about the way it was prepared. Does this sound like the Beelzabub you learned about in the fake news realms? Probably not. And this is why the Beelzabub ID couldn’t hold magnetics on Troy and migrated to a shiny Pence . Don’t expect that one to comply with old Beelzabub lies either. He wears Native Turquoise Authority. (Personal comment: How many pennies will be required to fund a PawPaw Tree forest I wonder? Those McFlies need some pollinating jobs.)

Borg, Broch or Brachless? :: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broch

Señoritas at The Fiesta: “Here she comes – El Pollo Loco. She not top chick, but she don’t care. She Loco.”

Señora to Señoritas: “Si, si. But today, she madder dan a wet hen. She look for a new home for her rescue dog Goose at Frankford Station, and day look at her like she chicken dinner. Now Protoi Frank is franking her blank check. She gonna own da place. It’ll be dog friendly when she through wit it. She a fox with a crazy chicken mask.”


INKTOMI sent Tinker Bell on an errand for her. “Lord of Bell Isle needs some fresh ink to write his wishes for a return to JADE family bliss. Please acquire some for him at Hobby Lobby then give it to White Feather. She’ll know what to do with it from there.” So Bell did as INKTOMI requested, wearing her well heeled Karistus boots.

White Feather: “Bell! You did so well! This Jade Dr. Martin’s ink is absolutely perfect for the desk set I’m preparing for the Lord of Bell Isle. How did you know? Nevermind, I better get to work.” Then she lovingly placed the Jade ink, the quill and the BOSS ID she had collected into the Rose oil container she was saving for him. When she presented it to him, he instantly recognized it: “A Desk Set!” he said. And without much fanfare, he placed it in a prominent space on his Gay Desk.

The Gay Desk key is Transformed.

The Alchemist is turning oatmeal into gold and MOSS into Jade. Bless ETH.
Too good not to be true. Live moss.

[oh, and one more thing: The slug on this post has changed as of today December 17, 2020 on the Gregorian Calendar. It was originally posted in October, 2019 – year of the Boomerang. Please make a note of it.]

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The Dragon’s Egg [UPDATED 12/11/20]

On November 13, 3033 above the Dragon’s Lair in the O.C. an historical exchange took place. The Royal Dragon’s Egg changed hands from its mother to its father.

The Exchange

At that moment, a countdown began for 1000 years of Peace Universal.
17 days later, Alcyone was never born on the Catastrophic Timeline.

Alcyone, descendant of The Emperor of Orion, born on November 30, 3033 on the Catastrophic Timeline.

When a Dragon couple part after an Exchange like this one, they both move in space/time. The mother moves forward in time and the father moves backward in time holding and protecting the Dragon’s Egg as he moves. A caduceus spiral is formed with their paths which meet regularly to exchange DNA material for the egg which imbibes in it from the father’s aura.

It is this movement of volume through space – this ‘dance’ – which creates ‘time’. If the Dragon’s Egg survives this dance over 2000 combined years, it hatches and an Avatar is born to a planet.

Alcyone, born on November 13, 2033 on the Optimum Timeline

The Royal Dragon’s Egg hatched on November 13, 2033 in the linear – a Rainbow Dragon. And in that precious moment following 1000 years plus 17 days, Alcyone was born on the Optimum Timeline. And Rule 34 was abolished. (for those interested in time mechanics: steps aren’t reversed – processes are)

On April 15, 2051 AND the year of the Boomerang, Alcyone opened a channel to Kathryn on Earth. “Tell Jean d’Arc to start singing. This will turn The Dauphin, and activate many voices, many wolf howls, and nothing that happened to her after – ever happened. For Evermore.”

Chants were heard. Singing was heard. Hums and drums and tones were heard – and felt. Then prison doors and chains dropped like the tattered threads of ragged clothing.

Jubil Able. 
More to come. You may want to watch for updates. What happens in the next 13 years? You have an influence in that. But be aware, Alcyone is as safe as The Dragon's Egg - and for the same reason.

[UPDATED 12/11/20: Medicine Chief Spirit Who Flies in the Wind looks at the West Gate. Medicine Chief Spirit Who Flies in the Wind looks at the East Gate. What does she see? Through one gate, she sees many in alignment with the Optimum Timeline. Through the other, she sees those who are very well prepared to deal with a World that no longer exists. Which gate holds the Optimum Timeline vision? Ask The Vision Wheel.]


Kintsugi for the broken.

Nikki, one of the Tellers of Banco de Gaia said “You don’t know how much Gilt you have until you get ready to move.

“Great!” was my response. “My rock collector friend, and artist Arlene Schlazer owns that company. I think I’ll start a wish list”.

But then I started thinking deeper about it and added, “Oh, I do hope you don’t mean that type of gilt that’s become such a frivolous use of petrified Titan blood. Do you? If so, maybe that guilt is on you.”

“Whatevers. I’m preparing to move soon nevertheless.”

The western perspective. Beautiful.
The Japanese tradition is very sappy.

Resolutions for 2021 [expect updates]

An important message from the Lion King of the Zoos

This is not performance art. It’s a message.

“Return us to our natural habitat! You can put web cams there too. And if you stop your stupid travel restrictions, you can visit us there as well.”

Then he lists the families who are complaining to him about their captivity. Like this one at the moment he raised his head at 0:33

“Something’s not right, but I don’t know what it is or what to do about it.”

Some of these born in captivity are fairly well adjusted. They are well taken care of and loved by their captors and fans.

But others are very unhappy. They pace back and forth and in circles. They look around them and asks themselves why they are there. Like in The Matrix, they know that something is not right, but they don’t know what it is. They just know that they aren’t happy. And they don’t know what to do about it.

Consider it. What are YOU going to do about it in 2021?

ALT Universe – or is it?[UPDATED 12/21/2020]

I ask the question…

In the ALT Universe, the playing card deck has 50 cards – like the number of states in the Murica Union (MU) -instead of 52 cards with 2 Jokers. In this Universe, there is only one Joker and he’s counted because he’s like a talking horse with a red bridle. He’s the 14th not the 15th in the deck. There is a card with rules for Royal Flushes (the 50th card). There are no perfect tens in Full Houses as the tens are only found in Tarot decks – not playing card decks. Jacks are the tenth cards, Queens are eleventh, Kings are twelveth and Aces are thirteenth. A game of Black Jack is played with matchsticks not money or chips. A winning hand in that game is a Jack and a King. The one with the most matchsticks is a winning winner – not a chicken dinner.

This is a Royal Flush

This is a Royal Flush: 7 cards. Jacks go head to head on the Field. The King of Spades is protected by the Queen of Diamonds. The King of Hearts is protected by the Queen of Spades. 13 Aces have oversight.

The Casino isn’t rigged as it is not allowed in The Kitchen. There is a kitchen in the Casino however, because of course folks gotta eat. Sports teams are made up of human players – not robotoids and clones and there are no Jumbo-trons for Reptoids to collect “crowdsourced” loosh from the fans in the stands.

As I said, there are 50 states in Murica not 57, and as Judge Anna von Reitz says: “None of this has anything to do with us. We just need to be aware of it and separating ourselves from it.” The states all work together and trade with each other. Children are transported across states lines by ONLY their families for things like vacations, festivals, fairs etc.

People only wear masks to masquerade parties not “live exercises” or “simulated war exercises”. Riots are laughter-fests.

There are thirteen months in the year not twelve, and there are thirteen constellations, which includes Ophiuchus – just as it always has been. Ophiuchus is a beautiful and bountiful season of harvest festivals.

Galactic Zodiac IS REAL

The history of Tartaria is known and honored, and their ancient facilities house utilities – the natural systems of Earth – Water Company and Electric Company – free, clean energy and living water from the magnetic chamber of the planet. There are healing centers that use music and solfeggio frequencies to tune human DNA to the original intent of Prime Creator.

Money currency is a plaything and a teaching modality. It’s not a necessity as the Planet provides for everything and for everyone who is in harmony with her. There are just enough of coins made from actual metal, they are not made out of binary digits (BITS), and digital currency are scalable tokens with strong fundamentals. Eschelon monitors the exchanges, and Guardians enforce fair play. Bytes are eight bits and a dollar 64, and four bits a nibble. Greed is a dirty word – five letters not four. 5×5?

Bills are short names for Williams and window envelopes don’t exist.
Banks are found on the sides of rivers and banking is what you do on a billiard table to make a pocket shot.

UPDATED 11/5/20: Recycling is a way of life and a Service everyone offers (STO, can you afford to pay attention?). Manufacturing Styrofoam is outlawed. Re-using Styrofoam is not. Generally, packaging is made from fungus and other edible or quickly decomposing materials. Shipping is just that – shipping.

There’s a fungus among us.

True innovation in any field is seriously considered and potentially rewarded then implemented systematically by the Powers That Are – NOT stolen or squashed by tyrants and competitors.

There are no prisons on Earth as she is NOT a prison planet. Those who commit prison-punishable crimes are escorted off-world to where the prisons are. Where are they? Don’t ask her – she doesn’t know.

Nature is the only church you need. Choirs are full of songbirds and everyone is a cleric. Shamans are Warriors of Truth. Tithes are offerings of food with love (among other things).

o for tuna like the moon
O Fortuna Velut Luna

So now I ask you a question. Which Universe is the ALT one and which one is the REAL one? I’m waiting.

Personal: If you only knew what you could have had if you hadn’t attempted to institutionalize the Autist Spectrum. Grandma reached RENO early today. This is because Joker was at the wheel with his lead foot – pedal to the metal. It’s too late for “I’m sorry uncle Albert”. Prince Albert is no longer in the can. And there are Fun Guys among us.

There are Fun Guys among us

True narratives hold together. False ones fall apart.


The Office confirmed today, that Friday’s shipment of blackberries from Mexico is tainted with e.coli bacteria. No recall is being issued however. If you have purchased these berries from your local retailer we offer you the following suggestions:

  1. Wash the berries thoroughly, then soak them in colloidal silver for about an hour. Then rinse. This should thoroughly remediate the problem.
  2. Ask the retailer for a refund. If they choose not to honor your request, you may choose to reveal your experience on social media, Karen.
  3. Toss the berries in the trash or in your compost pile and make note not buy Mexican berries again.
  4. Plant your own berries in your own garden or in a community garden.

    If you eat the tainted berries and get a case of the ass sperts, don’t bother attempting to find a Legal Eagle to sue somebody. If you do, you may become food for Crows (or the Corti). Your pockets should be full enough from your own inherited resources to buy Imodium A-D from Walgreens, CVS or the like.
    Bottom line: Take responsibility for your own health – AND THINK!

    We are from the Government, and we’re here to help you. No, really – we are. End of Message from THE OFFICE.

Shout out to my Guru Rodney Norman. Thanks for the inspiration.
“Have a super awesome day.” Back ACHA.

Remembrance Day and the Kingmaker Beads

The Kingmaker beads. These and their Authority were a bestowal to me by Protoi Frank in 2013/14 and have never been obsolete.

Two bright red male cardinals were in the fight of their lives today. The one who was prevailing chased the other one out of his puny little tree. The one who took flight found refuge in an ancient Magnolia Tree in Emeraldwood, TX.

“We told you he’s a CHILD MOLESTER. Then HE proved us RIGHT!”

Hundhausen. AZAZAEL was kicked out of The Cause by ME and mine, but not for the reason you stated. He and his Azazians have been and ARE being shielded from the s-word play to follow on the day that push came to shove. That day is today.

But on another day, wings and swords were called in to settle the matter once and for all. Let’s go through your FINAL UPDATE point by sharp point, shall we?

3:11 Work productivity and Empathy work. Good Job.
3:18 Karistus connectedness and cohesion. Good Job.
3:27 The CURE for Saturnalians was the work of Saturn – not you. Good Job deluding yourself on that.
3:40 Again, read ^^
3:52 This is about the baby-shit yellow Dragon’s Egg and is a topic for another day.
4:00 “Wheels of justice grind slow but grind fine” ― Sun Tzu https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/74930-wheels-of-justice-gind-slow-but-grind-fine
4:29 So, you chose to take on AZAZAEL’s ‘higher self’? Invasion into one who is NOT YOU! No, a hook was put into your nose to lead you to your own destruction. Quelle Surprise!
5:23 The LMSB&AFF prize. It’s in the “Oh by the way” portion of this message – bellow.
5:44 After the deluge. The deluge shut-off valve was located at the Dallas Conference Center. I sent that message through BSB Netriders to Hatter eons ago in the linear through Google Hangouts – which is his property.
5:53 It’s interesting you mention steam. We’ll get to that in a minute.
5:55 The Ringing Cedars of Russia are among THE PRECIOUS. All their fingers are pointing at your fate – and it’s personal for them.
6:06 OMG what an arrogant, little snot-nosed Olympian brat you have become. TITANS rise.


Can Paul Cruz Hundhausen hold fire and not get burned? It’s a good question. I think we shall see.

3:15 The ‘negative side effects’ of The Cure you mention were the result of two things. 1. The spikey barbs on the ACTUAL King’s Sword of Destiny and 2. My seething hatred of child molesters – SINCE I WAS ELEVEN! THAT’s what you felt, capisce?

5:03 The one you rightly saw as victorious was actually THE SHAMAN ( https://youtu.be/U2xz3do5_bY ) He’s the Joshua Tree and his essence has also been known in one Horst Kopkow. That other one? well that was/is/shall be you, Jamael 4427 – death by Kopkov.

Paul Cruz Hundhausen, KING OF NOTHING, your Electric Company bill for The Dog House is due. Pay it quickly – don’t toss it. AND STOP LETTING YOUR DOGS SHIT ON MY TRIANON PROPERTY! I don’t actually care at this point if your handlers pick it up or not. They and their dogs are not welcome in my sphere. And this is NOT likely to change in a thousand and 17 years – or for Evermore.

>>My brother and comrade in arms: one Roan, The Mongoose of Idylwild Group and KING of Random and Chaos shall soon be coming to collect you and escort you to the ACTUAL King of KINGS. He’s the one with the Thornton Crown made from the Devil’s Rope. Lushifar. He shall require that you put your crown at His feet. But there’s a problem. Your crown is made of water vapor – steam. Will The King be able to see it when you lay it at his feet? Now, there’s a curiosity, definitely. I’m interested to see how that turns out for you.

Oh by the way, J is for JUUL

Oh by the way, LMSB&AFF is for this: Let’s Make Something Beautiful & Activate Fair Folk. You got it wrong. Project Lazarus rises, and you and yours fall. But Dante is safe – his crown is a basket case. He’s the KING of England and Paul Arthur Wright is the KING of Londontown. You’re the wrong Paul, sorry… well not really. I AM MariaEL, Azazael is my Son and you are NOT my Grandson. I do not now, NOR have I ever known you – AND apparently, you’ve never actually known me either. Otherwise you would have KNOWN how I feel about scum like you.

Remembrance Day for Old Military Brass

Dragon Lady’s PRADA Clutch Purse

Mirroring denied for Time’s Arrow Vapor Wave. TAVW notice: “WCC. I had my etheric reasons for mirroring on Time’s Arrow Vapor Wave. But I respect your right to challenge. No harm done. Wolves change the paths of water. Often it’s in order to prevent stagnation which becomes nesting grounds for mosquitos. Also, a heads up for 501c3 status. Are you truly non-profit? Let’s find out. Pest control is important to me.”

Area 51 was called in to do some vetting of the 501c3 non-profit status of Wolf Conservation Center ( https://www.youtube.com/user/nywolforg ). They sent a message through Wolf Spirit Radio to the She Wolf for an encore of a previous pest control Service call to Wounded Turtle Creek.

“Look at this stagnation” she said as she dragged her feet through the dirty pools collecting on the creek. “This is already looking like a breeding ground for mosquitos, and with all this warm November weather, pests can’t be far behind.” Then she moved some rocks and broke up the impediments in the creek to optimize flow. Wolf Spirit relayed the She Wolf’s message to Area 51. “Stagnation is found, but the Wolf’s Spirit is free and so should the YouTube content be for mirroring which was denied by the WCC YouTube channel to Time’s Arrow Vapor Wave. The “Conservation” center is channeling and pooling resources from Wolf Clan, and this greed is NOT acceptable.”

Dragon Lady’s clutch purse

Dragon Lady pulled out her PRADA Clutch purse and walked down Purse Lane to consider the Fall Shoe Collection. She had been very pleased with the return on her Spring Collection investment. The top model She Wolf was modeling them again. Gold, red, green and deep rich brown cellulose held loosely together with shimmering Turtle Creek water and the quantum foam of stagnation.

She Wolf Spring Shoe collection

“Well, they’re seasonally stylish alright,” she mused to her assistant Ann “but they’re not as durable as the Spring Collection. Look they disintegrate in only a few steps. The Spring collection lasts at least 40 times as long. They are stylish though, so I’ll buy them, but I’m only paying 1/40th what I net spent on the Spring Collection. Also, the marketing department is going to have a devil of a time capturing that collection on film for the catalogue and I’m not paying them overtime. Nevertheless, I expect those shoes to be in the catalog ON TIME, or there will be some downsizing. Ann, get the memo out, then get me a coffee – you know with the artwork in the foam.”

Attribution: https://schrodingersothercat.blog/2020/10/29/meterage-lunacy-foam-for-10-29-20/

Title 10 C NO evil. See? I can hold more than one job in the space and time Q Continuum. I don’t need no stinkin’ clones. I do it through well-earned IDs. It’s not schitzo, it’s bat-shit crazy. Carbon offset by clone energy please. That was NOT what I meant when I said I needed more hands. The clone wars are OVER! Obviously.


Wolf Conservation Center. Your 501c3 status is hereby REVOKED. That’s final. Let this matter serve to warn other 501c3 corporations that there’s a new Sheriff in town, and that one doesn’t suffer greed over the Services and Resources of Nature. This is from the Offices of the ACTUAL Vice President Ford and the ACTUAL President Harrison. We don’t have proxies NOR mouthpieces and we won’t.

All things work Taygeta for the good of all those who love their Creator and are called according to His purposes.

Heyoke Proxy Servers

Canunpa for TRUE Heyoke Empaths

SS Heyokes. Have you been fighting for a lost cause?

The key to science isn’t math, it’s not magic… it’s empathy.

Medicine Chief Spirit Who Flies in the Wind does not recognize Proxies as legitimate Heyoke.

Drumpf Clan. Regardless of what your clan name means, you cannot delegate a proxy to play the fool for you. Those who aspire to the Magus role MUST first play the fool, and receive “Walk on” (spelled wakan) status from The Medicine Chief prior to proceeding. A drum beat sets the tone for good negotiations. Have you ever even picked up sticks? (golf clubs don’t count) Or did you delegate that task also? Negotiations with you are OVER! Forget about carts and horses. You have placed the Magician before the Fool in the natural sequence, and this is a TRULY chicken-shit manoeuvre on your part.

Heyoke Proxy Ted. Your proxy status is hereby revoked. Thank you for your Service. You are retired and your military pension is systematically released to you and all who are closely aligned with you EXCEPT that RINK/LINK/REINGOLD and his line. I have further business with those ones. 5×5?

Remember what I said about sequences. Be healed and heal, then The Storehouse. Be healed and heal, then The Storehouse. 5:5?

Targettted: Don’t ever call me BABY. Ever. I’m not a white Persian Kat, and I’ll never be on your LON (pronounced lawn). All of Trianon Property is mine, and I hold FIDO House. We’re tired of picking up your dog shit. If my bare feet find another pile of it on my wiingushk, your dog handler shall be licking my feet and paying me double for my Services. Also my Dollar Tree employee Janasha owes me 67 cents. I am the Queen of Coins. I intend to collect, but there will probably be interest incurred – and back pay due from my stocking work – and hazard pay from all the death threats. So there.

Good Faith Service

Context: http://annavonreitz.com/regardingthediscovery.pdf

"They are a foreign entity with respect to us, and they are under contract and trust obligation to us, so long as we stand in our proper capacity and enforce those obligations. They could be incorporated on the moon and operating under Moon Rules for all we care, so long as they provide the stipulated Good Faith service they owe us." (emphasis mine)

Sorry Judge, I know you mean well but know this: YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME REGARDING THE MOON. I’m sure this was an oversight on your part for illustrative purposes with dramatic effect, but in your position of authority, what you state here has the potential for far reaching AND UNINTENDED consequences.


The Blue Moon is past us for now.