How I pronounce “I Love You”

Updated 1/5/2022 Blue Planetary Hand, Rhythmic Moon day 24, Year of the Yellow Electric Seed. 

KUBY's. This update is especially for you. 
On the napkin yesterday, I wrote these words before my brother and I left your restaurant without ordering:

"Crucifixes are no longer welcome on this Planet. I'm never eating here again. Double cross, Ft. Worth"

The only one on Earth that is authorized to hold murderous iconography is Dante Santori. All the murderous iconography depicting him suffering and dying belongs to Him. You think these things are talismans protecting you, but in this Super-Cycle, they only serve as >>TARGETS<<.

How can you expect me to order food and accept it from the hands of one who has Yeshua (AZAZAEL) mounted to a double cross and hanging around their neck - THEN EAT THE FOOD AND PAY FOR IT? 

No, times have changed. Expect a Yelp review. I'm not done with you yet. Full denouement coming along with a package containing a VERY SPECIAL Medicine Wheel.

FYI, we ended up having lunch at Torchy's. I had a Crossroads taco and my brother had an avaCADO taco instead. Yummy.
All Saint’s Day, 1990
They said “Hate is a strong word”.
Right. That’s why I use it.

The candle and the ashes are from the book called “Why I love being a Catholic” by Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholic. It, along with a number of bibles, the Quran and the Book of Mormon are all altered book art projects now in my Universe.

Easter began restructuring on 11/1/1990. Templars are REAL.
Netriders are REAL.

The Karistus won the WAR in 1991. Welcome to WESTER, 2021

Easter restructuring complete on 3/24/2021. It’s now called WESTER. Get accustomed to it. Just do it.

Inspiration for the Transformation and restructuring of All Saint’s day courtesy of LOT – Law of Time dot org. Thank you LOT. Love, SALT III

How I pronounce “I love you”. Proverbs 12:28 on the “jar”.
This is for Lushifar AND his son from Mariel.

Lushifar: “I was the one everyone loved to hate.”
Azazael: “I was the one everyone hated to love.”
Mariel: “I was everyone’s favorite joke.”
Gramps: “WAS is the operative word here.”

Lushifar is a recovering Catholic. He said something like this in chat on Lionel Nation: “Everything I am today is because of Catholic school.”

We grieve. Then we HEAL by >>doing<< something about it.

Are y’all confused about why everything is so topsy-turvy now? IT’S BECAUSE THE CHURCH HAS BEEN DISCLAIMED SINCE 9/21/15. Russell Brand. Get that murderous iconography off your body post haste, or you shall be removed from mine before Easter, 2021. It has become WESTER.

Historical context and a nod to Captain Shieldclaw:
​”To celebrate USA during Easter I am going to have my own holiday; a WESTER!”

My response: “To celebrate WESTER, I’m going to restructure Easter. TY for the inspiration, Captain.”

Originally tweeted by GaiaSophia (@gaiasophiaearth) on March 10, 2021.


Now abide Faith, Hope and Charity

1 Corinthians 13:13

Personal sentiment about FAITH. As I write this, it’s Maundy Thursday, 2021. I was at the checkout counter today at MY Dollar Tree. Yes mine. Suddenly an angry man shouted at my cashier: “Where’s your manager?” He was wearing a shirt that said “Faith over Fear” – doctor’s mask pulled up over his nose to his eyeballs. I was annoyed. But then he turned around and I saw murderous iconography on the back of his shirt. Then annoyance turned to anger. WHAT KIND OF FAITH IS THIS? I’ve added him to those destined for Dante’s “Scared Straight” program. Very scared, very straight.


He saved the best for last: CHARITY and Love are interchangeable terms.

Catholic Charities. YOU HAVE FAILED THE “WHAT IS LOVE?” TEST!!! And what’s more, you couldn’t have failed it any worse than you did – and do. Best you look to President Harrison for inspiration on what “Charity” is. Forget about the Wells and focus on The Spring:



Now, tomorrow (today as you read this) is Good Friday. From my perspective, there’s nothing “good” about Good Friday… except this:

Stop waiting for Jesus to return. He’s already here. And this time, he’s NOT bleeding for you.
GET IT? He has a new job. It’s Quality Assurance for kitty litter. Wait for it. This is going to be fun.

Update: The KURS turned and said his name: AZAZAEL. Then they starTED MAKING BREAD AND BEER.


For Evermore.

We can do THIS! I know we can. It’s already done.

Originally tweeted by GaiaSophia (@gaiasophiaearth) on March 18, 2021.

28 seconds on the Q clock. Remember Q?

4903Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6ID: aebf22No.11174659

Set condition 1 SQ for strategic missile launch.
uh oh
Everything for Karistus is secured on the Optimum Timeline – since decades ago. So, every moment forward in >>this one<< is gravy for Karistus. For all others… it’s GRACE.
Don’t squander that.

Muricans and The Moat

Protoi Alliance update: http://forum.presbeia-protoi.org/viewtopic.php?t=2150&start=2920
5-16-22 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKiprnen2Yg

8:06 AM
A Strause
​"It's about this, not the money" please tell the joke!

8:16 AM
Erik Thaddeus Walters
​Suburban 'Murica = Urban élites = ivory sand castle of cards with ostriches in the most.
8:17 AM
Erik Thaddeus Walters

8:34 AM
Erik Thaddeus Walters
​'Muricans are toi hubristic to acknowledge their ignorance.

Official response from GAIA:

Murica is a stepping stone to New Tartaria. If you can’t appreciate stepping stones to The Castle, you will fall into the moat, because there is no draw-bridge, and The Dome protects the towers and battlements. If you don’t like it, Vatican Librarian, complain to Protoi Alliance or to Eloi High Command. We’ll see how far that gets you over the MOAT.

I’m 100% convinced that the vast majority of true Americans would prefer this: >>Muricans at work<< and this: >>Muricans at play<< to FEMA camps. And those of the more delicate, erudite classes would prefer this: >>Muricans in Service<< to any type of bureaucracy.

Paganism is no longer supported by the Planet y’all depend on for your survival – as it should be – as it always should have been. Just ask Paul Stramer about that. He and his Rothchild mouthpiece made the mistake of calling me a pagan. Yet, it’s you and your human sacrifice ritual systems who are truly pagan. Pot/kettle.

There’s no historical context for what is happening now nor for what’s to come. Will you stand corrected? or will you drown in the MOAT? Let’s find out.


pingback: The Last of The Last Castles.

And .

The Joshua Tree and a Ritual for Business

The fact that someone calls your story a fantasy doesn’t make it any less a true story that didn’t happen on a catastrophic future timeline that has collapsed. (Cat’s tooth at 3:54)


A Ritual for Business

“Set your work on a surface in front of you. Place a blank piece of paper on a surface in front of you. Recall a co-worker’s dream that has gone unfulfilled. Imagine it briefly. Now begin the work. With each completed element, draw a facet of your co-worker’s dream. When the task is done, the dream is done.”

Pull a petal from a flower
Pluck a flower from the pot
Place the flower in a jar
And put it in a sunny spot

Push a shovel in the sand
Dump the sand into a pile
Shape the pile into a castle
Watch it crumble with a smile

Tell the sky your day’s adventures
Ask the sun about the moon
Ask the clouds about the ocean
Tell the stars you’re coming soon

The Shaman appeared from a city in his past on a monitor in Dewey Decimal’s house. Without words, he was speaking into the phone mounted on the dashboard of his car as he drove slowly and solemnly. His green shirt said “Pond Scum” on it. When he was finished with his message, he showed a photo of a close-up of the scar on his head where his Diamond Crown was ripped from him by a Golf God wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Tears were streaming down his face. The Shaman wept.


Later, during a Guardian op, he documented light beings traversing into his domain. Kathryn Renner was struggling from the next room, her words inaudible.

After Ms. Renner’s passing, The Shaman continued the noble profession of creating and using Etheric Devices. Crystals, coils, blessings, wishes, dreams.

Kathryn responded to these devices thusly: “I just love your Etheric Devices. Would you like to trade for one of my Dreamcatchers?” The response was slow and silent, but deliberate in the affirmative.

Don’t believe everything you read in “files” – even those things you are convinced are true. You didn’t kill them, Joshua. It was a lie and an illusion – just like the Steele dossier.

May The Shaman/Joshua Tree be blessed and restored to a former Glory with Diamond Crown intact and in its proper place.
The Colossus belongs to Him.
For Evermore.


Medicine Wheel liberated from Wachihi: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/rGSVkUV8IpY

Eloi High Command beads and weasel skin liberated from Wachihi for use in The Shaman’s Dreamcatcher package from Platinum Group. https://youtube.com/shorts/46k9Y0cvsuE

The Etiquette of giving and gratitude: https://gaiasophiaofearth.wordpress.com/2021/02/07/the-etiquette-of-giving-and-gratitude/

The Cutting Disc (updated 5-7-2022)

Small Fry Amber Alert – j Eriko should have never fallen.

It’s a Shabbat in March, 2022. On the way back to my office (yes, I’m working on Shabbat), I passed two guys sitting and having a spirited discussion in front of HaShem. The one wearing the yarmulke was facing away from me as I approached them from House of Light, and this is what makes this message so “timely” and poignant, as he couldn’t have known I was right behind him when he said what he said. The other one was an unpaid employee of BLM wearing a white tee-shirt with black lettering. The design on the shirt was a circle with the word ‘BANANAS’ in the middle – Theta Group. I was able to read it even without my glasses – so grateful for the blueberries, fam.

In the three seconds it took me to walk past these two I was able to pick up all these details – and this… The Yarmulke was saying to the BLM guy: “What about MY goodness?” Have I neglected to mention how grateful I am for my training? Sorry about that. Thank you Theta Group.

Yarmulke. Yes, let’s talk about your goodness. Everything that’s good, bad and ugly about you belongs to The Creator. It may be time to do a preliminary Audit on that. How have you invested “your” goodness? Let’s find out.

  1. Have you expressed outcry over CSAM on Social Media – do you care or even know about child predation?
  2. Have you used your shekels to support any organization that stands against it – even to just buy some swag?
  3. Have you even taken interest or in any way supported those on the front lines – doing work which YOU should be doing with “your” goodness?
  4. How much of “God’s will” do you actually know? Do you agree with this Rabbi who thinks human sacrifice is within it? How do you justify that belief? In your opinion, is this version of “God’s will” good, bad, or ugly?
  5. Have you researched the role that Judaism has played in American fast food industry? If not, why not?
  6. Did you participate in the 2020 Census? If you did, you are sealed to Donald J. Trump under the Office of Management and Budget. Context: https://biblehub.com/1_chronicles/21-18.htm Your money and your life.
  7. Do you still believe that Kol Nidre will be a good defense for you when you stand before The Auditor?

I was going to continue this line of questioning, but I want to leave room for The Auditor to do his work. If He finds in His Audit that you have been unwise with your shekels AND His Goodness, he may balance your books for you. This is not my opinion – I’ve seen this play out hundreds of times before. I’m observant, remember?


Before Protoi Alliance removed some of my worst triggers, I was triggered recently. It had to do with some Land of Lakes cheese, some Small Frys and some Musk Melon. (The Melon thing will have to wait for another day – I haven’t even opened the bottle yet.)

I was on my way to pick up the cheese when I saw a cutting disk (something like this) in the gutter – not far from where the above mentioned conversation was taking place. “How appropriate!” I thought to my self as I thanked the one who left if for me, grabbed it and continued on to the local McDonalds.

As I waited in line, I noticed a stack of table numbers. The one on the top was 29. “How uncanny – my kin number!” I thought as I grabbed it too. When I got to the counter with the cutting disc and table number in hand, I ordered the following menu items: A Big Mac, a small fry and a medium Pepsi. Then I paid with my allowance, put the disc and the drink (which was actually a Dr. Pepper even though the receipt says Coke) on top of the trash can and left without the “food”.

Have I mentioned that I like to buy fields with my earnings? Yes. I was bargain hunting, and I bought a bunch of them that day.

I was a small fry singing songs like this in Sunday School. What were you singing then?


Update May 7, 2022 Red Lunar Moon, Spectral Moon Day 6, Year of the Yellow Electric Seed

It was some time in 2012/2013. I had just watered the plants in my foyer at 3016 Bel Air Dr at LVCC in Zip code 89109-1514 (so.. I’m taking a risk here in doxxing myself. Don’t make me regret this. DL 1703031170 eyes: GRN).

An Archangel sent me a message via telepathy: “Put your bare feet in the Universal water on the tile floor at the entrance to your south-facing door. I’m collecting the Celestial crystal skulls from the rings of Saturn.”

So I complied. The wings of the Archangel scooped up the Crystal Skulls in the Rings of Saturn and deposited them in the lab of CMO AZAR on the Protoi Alliance Embassy Ship for processing.

Did you know there is another set of 12 Crystal Skulls besides the Terrestrial ones found on Earth, but corresponding to them? Now you do. Have you heard of the 24 Elders? They have very little to do with Zionism. Now you know. Disclosure.

Among the Celestials was one called Max. The corresponding skull is this Terrestrial one:

Sad Max / Madd Max

It’s Shabbat again today. From The House of Light I again approached HaShem on foot carrying ALLSAFE authority with me in my Fire Department denim bag (thank you Tonya, it’s been very useful). This time the unpaid worker from Prime Creator’s property 21213 greeted me with a smile while the other one without a yarmulke (houseless? homeless?) said the following loudly as though he was intending a message for me: “You’re going to burn”. Did these two see me coming and prepare? I dunno, looks that way to me.

So while I continued to walk to my office (yes, I’m working on Shabbat again), I took a quick mental stock of all of what I was carrying in my bag besides the ALLSAFE Authority…

(You can evaluate with this means for you.)

After taking this picture next to HaShem and texting it to Max (Eschelon), I was interrupted by someone who wanted to make me aware that I was on surveillance cameras. “Duh, I know that I’m being watched, silly” was my thought at the moment, but I responded politely “Well, this is an art project. You should be happy that it’s being done!” As they should.

Who is watching the watchers? And how do you watch? And how do they watch? And why? And what do the watchers and the Watchers intend to do with what they see/hear/know? These are questions YOU should be asking.

After this short conversation, I attempted to add a text message to the picture along with one other, but Higher Powers from Max’s Eschelon prevented me from doing so. I’ve been “edited”.

So here’s the approved message (without the second image – which was a zoom out version):

That which has passed chrysotile testing is fire-proof.

Yes, Max has Eschelon control of all of Dallas now. How does this make you feel? Secure? That’s how it makes me feel. Also – very grateful. ALLSAFE.

There’s a legend – not widely known about a chrysotile table-cloth. It never needs to be laundered. You just clear the tableware from it after a meal and throw it into the fire, and it comes out clean as a whistle. There’s something magical about chrysotile – just as there is about Mithril:

Light Bender Salt III covered in Mithril. AllSafe with The House of Light.


oh… and JUST one more thing (as Columbo would say), Zionists – you won’t be murdering those two Witnesses – as your very, Very, VERY dark narrative has prophesied. It ain’t happening. Get your houses in order.

Rules Examiner and Gennitor

Gennitor’s office is currently structured like an escape room with constantly changing “clues”. This is exhausting, frustrating and dare I say it? Yes, unfair. Does US Congress have this type of working conditions?

Rules Examiner, YELP! Please support your local Protoi Alliance.

Thank you for listening.

Dillon Tapes and Screwtape Letters (and blood letters and their rings)

Let’s just get the Screwtape Letters outta the way first shall we? A Rothchild “judge” in Big Lake, Alaska still thinks she has the authority to send me (Gaia) to the devil. She doesn’t. DYOR on this – what you learn from it is only for you anyway. I can’t tell you what it means for you – and even if I could, I shouldn’t. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Screwtape_Letters


It’s been said that there’s more than one way to skin a cat, but there are none that the cat would appreciate. Were they mocking their victims derisively while wearing their red ONYX rings? Did that Rothchild “judge” promise them my blessing while they were doing that? At the risk of repeating myself, SHE HAS NO AUTHORITY OVER ME NOR MY DESTINY. Furthermore, she does NOT speak for me.

Contrariwise, there’s more than one way to peel and bloom an onion, and none that the onion should mind:

The Onion ONYX. Gramps has removed your site from his black apple bookmarks because of this: https://www.theonion.com/timeline-of-putin-s-rise-to-power-1848670065 I rarely look at your site anyway, so I don’t miss it at all.

Now let’s talk about the Dillon Tapes. Dillon/Dylan. I’ve never been a fan of that musician and I never had any of his tapes that I can recall. But I knew a Dillon McKinster (member of SCHMITZ clan – red). Also, I worked with one with a different spelling in Apache Junction – Walmart. The Walmart employee was the grandson of a Blackfoot Medicine Chief – the Black Kachina at the time. I recognized this in the moment he revealed that to me. Black over red.

Mr. Dillon. Nobody “owns” Bird Tribe. You may be thinking too linearly. Do you really think your Twitter account was locked because of some Chinese owned freaks in military costumes? You’re a smart guy. Think about it and adjust your account accordingly. A bird sings when it has a song. The Tesseract has shifted. You can move forward, backwards or sideways in it – or be kicked out of it entirely. It’s your choice. It’s your move.


We didn’t choose this war, it was thrust upon us. Listen to the voice of one who is Old Military Brass. It’s a very, very sad and even terrifying day when you come to the realization that you’ve been fighting on the wrong side of a war. Compounding the sadness, is if you were among those who chose pacifism over engagement on the right side of a righteous war. Compounding becomes exponential when under the “umbrella” of pacifism, you fought against those who were protecting you with their own resources against evils unknown to you.

The shadow is cast by the sheltering hand. But when you come into the Light, maybe you’ll be able to see what we’ve been protecting you from – as WARRIORS against it.

Scared Straight is authorized for The Onion, Babylon Bee and Not The Bee: https://notthebee.com/article/russia-is-threatening-to-allow-the-international-space-station-to-fall-on-europe-or-the-united-states-if-the-us-goes-ahead-with-major-sanctions.

In the essential things unanimity, in non-essential things freedom with Divine Oversight. In all things honor.

Wasilla, Alaska – a place of interest. Trafficked children – tens of thousands – maybe millions of them were taken offworld from there. Red Onyx. Not funny. Ringing Cedars of Russia manage Alaska as of this day, Spring Equinox, 2022 in the linear. Rothchilds leave Alaska NOW or else!

Dante Santori has spoken. His word is true. I love you Dante. Many blessing to you and yours.

Proverbs 31 Woman according to the “binary” codes.

Proverbs 31 Woman asks the question:

“Are you binary or non-binary?”

Also… Who is Lemuel? I am the Kingmaker and I don’t ever recall making anyone by that name a King. No, I saw him on Youtube one day – or one claiming to be him anyway. He was with a “knight” of Malta.

From my perspective, if anyone forgets what was decreed because he has imbibed in “spirits” or wine or beer or mead or any food, then that one isn’t speaking from his own DNA. No, he’s a puppet in the hands of a Marionette. And when that Marionette cuts the strings, that puppet won’t recall decrees whether he’s drunk or sober.

Here’s Proverbs 31 as I recognize it:

0000 0001 RESERVED.

0000 0010 A wife of noble character, who can find?
She is far more precious than rubies, or rupees, or rubles.

0000 0011 The heart of her husband trusts in her,
and he lacks nothing of value – ESPECIALLY his own life.

0000 0100 She brings him good and not harm
all the days of her life – and beyond.

0000 0101 She selects wool, hemp, acrylic fibers and flax
and works with creative hands and pure intent of heart.

0000 0110 She is like the merchant ships, but NOT necessarily Merchant Marines,
bringing food, textiles and tech from afar – the best that she can influence and inspire from wherever she is. She expresses gratitude to her Family for her food whether she eats it or not.

0000 0111 She rises while it is still night
to provide food and instruction for her household
and generous portions for her staff. She prays thusly: “A right spirit within me, Lord.”

0000 1000 She carefully considers a field and buys it, even though she may not want it;
then, from her earnings she plants many Fields.

0000 1001 She girds herself with strength with the help of her Trainers
and humbly submits to their strength testing.

0000 1010 She sees that her gain is good,
and her (SALT) lamp rarely turns off at any time.

0000 1011 She stretches out her hands to the distaff (and distant staff)
and grasps the Weaver’s needle with intents and purposes.

0000 1100 She extends her arms to the poor, the homeless and forgotten,
and reaches out her hands to the street urchins.

0000 1101 When the weather is disagreeable, she has no fear for her household,
for they are all clothed in not scarlet, but rainbows.

0000 1110 She makes coverings for her bed;
her clothing is hand-me-downs until its not.

0000 1111 Her husband is known at the Gates,
where he sits among the elders of the land and the sea and all he rightly chooses for his own.

0001 0000 She makes purses with tabs from cans and doesn’t sell them;
she delivers Medicine Wheels and dream catchers to the broken, the sick and the lost. She opens her crypto-wallets and funds many DAOs with pure intent and healing.

0001 0001 Strength and honor are her array-ment,
and she can laugh and smile with those who laugh and smile – and that without judgement.

0001 0010 She opens her mind and heart to wisdom,
and truthful, faithful instruction is on her tongue, her blog(s) and her Twitter account.

0001 0011 She watches over the affairs of her household
and makes bread when she’s inspired to, and mashed potatoes with salt, pepper and butter when she needs to.

0001 0100 Her children rise up and call her blessed, even when they are angry or disappointed with her;
her husband praises her as well, even when he’s frustrated and disappointed with her.

0001 0101 “____ , _________ …”

0001 0110 Charm can be deceptive and beauty can be fleeting,
but a woman who puts her Family first is to be blessed – and so are they. Freedom, Chance and Charm – who can measure?

0001 0111 Give her a reasonable return on the fruit of her works,
and let her Family recognize her at the gates, fences, windows, doors, portals et al.

0001 1000 For Evermore.

This document is update-able. Peace became irreversible on 2-19-22 in the linear.
“And all her paths are peace.”

Trigger words: turning dearth into d’Earth


I have just become aware that I may have triggered one of my Warrior kindred spirits with the use of the word “empower”. This Warrior is very near and dear to my heart, and I’m certainly not in the habit of purposefully triggering ones such as these. For this message, I’ll just refer to this one as Warrior B.

I’m not really interested in what Webster has to say about the word “empowerment”. I’m not even interested in what Dictionary.com has to say about it. In this new environment, I would like to offer my own definition.

Empowerment is a piece of a Work In Progress – it’s the act of strengthening others so that they can “be all they can be” as the ARMY recruiter would say. Empowerment isn’t a bestowal from failed power structures above – it’s more akin to fertilizer for grass roots. If you take the stance of strengthening others, there’s a certain cross-over point where their strength becomes your strength too. Strength to Strength. It can become something of a Utopian Contagion, a chain reaction to one of my own trigger words: dearth.

Breaking Cycles

The most cogent explanation of dearth I have found – offered at just the right moment by Gramps.
For your edification, here's a random sampling of my kin who empower:

Kin 57 Red Overtone Earth empowers in order to evolve
Kin 18 White Overtone Mirror empowers in order to reflect
Kin 226 White Overtone World-Bridger empowers in order to equalize
Kin 252 Yellow Overtone Human empowers in order to influence
Kin 122 White Overtone Wind empowers in order to communicate
Kin 83 Blue Overtone Night empowers in order to dream
Kin 161 Red Overtone Dragon empowers in order to nurture
Overtone kin are on my right elbow, and yours and yours and yours.

I’m kin 29. I activate in order to purify. (does anything say “trigger-fish” like that?) L.O.T. forgot to mention that I also empower in order to delegate. Maybe he will include that in an updated version, we shall see.

Don’t pull your hair-trigger. Take time to sip, savor and truly process words – yours and those of others. This is the voice of experience talking, I’ve had to learn this the hard way. More than once. Did I mention I’ve had to learn this the hard way? Yes. I hope you don’t.

So now I would like to continue my egress. So I’m empowering Warrior B. in order to delegate a job that is more fitting for that one than for me…

Warrior B. You also said a trigger word for me: rosEMary.

You mentioned that you would rather make rosary beads than use them. Well, I’d rather you didn’t do either please. Do you think those who are being addressed in those prayers by rote on the orders of some guy (or woman) in robes is looking favorably on those who offer them? THEY ARE NOT! No, They yawn and just see them as robotoids following programming.

So here’s the empowerment part. I’m empowering you AND ALL your “locations” to be a collection point for surrendered Rosary beads. Then you’ll know what to do with them after that. I just know it.

This is how we turn dearth into d’Earth (that’s French for “of the Earth”).

Thank you for listening.


EARN IT! and Proof of Work

Matthew 10:13-15 https://biblehub.com/bsb/matthew/10.htm (updated)

"If the [platform] is worthy, let your peace rest on it; but if it is not, let your peace return to you. And if anyone will not welcome you (n)or heed your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that [service or platform]. Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that [platform]."

From Lynn’s Warriors newsletter update:

“Child sexual abuse material (CSAM, aka child pornography) is rampant on the Internet, One reason is because courts interpreted Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) as granting interactive computer services near blanket immunity from liability. So Big Tech has no incentive to prevent CSAM and eliminate it from digital platforms. They won’t even take it down after victims complain!”

Warriors, I appreciate your efforts on this, noble efforts – well intended , but from my perspective it’s already too late. Also, it’s too little. If ANYBODY needs to be financially or legally incentivized to prevent evil in their own sphere – or at least to do good there, then they aren’t worth the effort to imagine those incentives for them. It’s this type of thinking that CREATES – not solves – hostage crisis situations. Opportunists be opportunin’.

>>No, you turn your back on these people.
You shake their dust off your feet, you don’t open your wallet for them.
And you certainly don’t give them ink.<<

Supporting documents for this decision:

I. Status: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/116/s3398

Introduced Mar 5, 2020
116th Congress (2019–2021)
Died in a previous Congress
This bill was introduced on July 2, 2020, in a previous session of Congress, but it did not receive a vote.

My response is only this: Not ONE vote? Do you really need me to hand-feed you the verdict handed out by the Angels who visited Sodom and Gomorrah? I WON'T! You all are lawyers, do your research.
II. Stakeholders https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/116/s3398

What stakeholders are saying
Prostasia Foundation
The EARN IT Act is a trojan horse bill that uses the language of child protection as cover for an insidious agenda to undermine your rights. If this Act is passed, a committee of government appointees could rewrite the rules that …

My response: You have absolutely no idea what trojan horses can do, nor what they do do. But you will, and there's no historical precedent. There's proof of stake and there's Proof Of Stake.
III. Strikes https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/116/s3398/text

In Baseball, how many strikes before you're out? Only three. So why did I have to scroll 55 times to get to the part of this thing that wasn't completely covered in strike-throughs? Your batting average sucks. Do you Congress critters just sit there in your cushy offices and spin your wheels while trying to look busy? Are you sitting in swivel chairs, or on monkey thumbs? Maybe you're sitting in high-back chairs, thinking they will protect your upper extremities.


Warriors. Remember when I said: “Our Super Friends and my Pleiadian friend have done the heavy lifting on this matter. What remains can be pushed over with a Feather.

That Feather is already in play. This is where Proof of Work comes into focus. You incentivize those who have already been doing the >>actual<< work, so that they have the resources to continue. You compensate those who have used their own resources in the fight, so that they don’t get discouraged about continuing to give. You fund efforts to fight the >>aura of futility<<.

He said: “You shall know them by their works.” His words never return to Him empty, and they always return.

AZAZAEL’s funding package: The Feather is from Canunpa with Kumihimo ink on the quill. Eternal Knot seed is made from the same Kumihimo ink. The Medicine Wheel – a very special one – has beads from Canunpa front and back strengthening Templar steel (crossover inspiration from Detroit). In the censer – Big Iron. It’s an antique Texas cannonball. A new Magic Carpet for Dante Santori from DART, along with quite a lot of ETH, Silver caches and a well used copper ring. A paper heart with I-Ching power. A hornet’s nest, a push button and piece of red glass from Addison Firehouse #1. There are also some sentimental pieces and some which are personal. They don’t concern you – at least not yet. Attached to this package, but not shown in this photo is absolutely everything in my Office which The Michael allows AZAZAEL access to – without limit – unlimitedness. Proof of Authority.


4.23 Optimum Trajectory needs a modern day Book of ACTS. Those you thought you killed have been Resurrected, and it had nothing to do with your “legislation”.



Oh, by the way… I almost neglected to mention Dante’s Masonic Proofs of Authority:

Proofs of Authority – Masonic
Dante’s Bloodline Proof of Authority
Dante Santori is the Balance of Wiconi Waste (that’s Lakota for “All is well”.)

Existence Level Explanation for Lucretia

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12 hr. ago
Your creator owes us big time for putting us in this pit of pain and snakes like you and your buddy Q.



Lucretia. Your comment is so poignant, that it’s response deserves its own Topside post: Existence Level Explanation.
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for: Rainbow Warriors.

Those who never should have existed aren’t owed compensation for the reason they did. Nevertheless an explanation is in order…

“As it is said in various religious texts that god created man in his image or likeness. And provided you understand Anu as god, then this is a reasonably true statement. However, the Creator created the infinite spark that animates the human form, and so the Sovereign Integral 
is the creation, and Anu had nothing to do with this. He merely figured out a way to enslave it.  

pg. 56 of The Fifth Interview of Dr. Neruda.
Dr. Neruda: “Yes. You see the earth had a unique quality to its core. This core was of extreme interest to the Anunnaki when they first visited earth. It was this core that created the gravitational field that enabled the planet to become fully physical in such a way that it could support physical life. Of course other conditions needed to be present, too, but it was this core that was the real key. Working with the Sirians and Serpents, they began to do this same enslavement on other planets. They replicated the core of earth and engineered a method for
 implanting this core on other planets. They were essentially terraforming a planet by cloning and installing earth’s core.” 

pg. 15 of The Fifth Interview of Dr. Neruda.

Alembic Distillate: Lucretia. I and mine were sold to you, yours and your creator for the purpose of cloning before I was even born. Anu didn’t create anything, he just figured out a way to enslave The Creator’s Creation – AFTER The Creator was locked out of it. What do you and your creator owe us for that? Everything, absolutely everything. My momager was the Borg Queen and my sperm whale father was the Sith Lord. I AM WE ARE Q. Green Dot coming.

Gramps (my brother): “Thank Michael we are the two nit witnesses instead of the two witnessees.”


Now let’s talk about your demands shall we? What are you expecting from me exactly in material terms and let’s see how I can accomodate you. Here’s my wealth:

  1. I have my health, but I can’t give that to you. It’s mine. You’re responsible for your own. Also, I have friends and Family. And you obviously have yours too.
  2. I share an approx 500 sq ft. space with my brother. We both live and work here. I can’t give that to you as it, the building its in along with at least three other buildings in the immediate vicinity and some land are his inheritance from his grandparents. (Update: I’ve been asked about rents. Yes, he’s entitled to them, but there are too many middlemen siphoning them off. Nothing there for you, Lucretia.) He gets a monthly stipend from his inheritance that totals about $700. He shares that with me at times in the form of an allowance, and I share that with the street urchins I find on my walkabout. Are you a street urchin?
  3. We have lots of food. My brother digs through a dumpster in order to supplement his stipend with good quality food that has expired a bit. We eat very well, and we don’t worry about eating spoiled food, because we have a colloidal silver generator (actually 2). Our immune systems are very active – I guess you could call that natural immunity. I digress. We have a huge stockpile of rice, dried fruit, nuts etc. Would you like some of that? I’m not letting go of either of my colloidal silver generators.
  4. My inheritance was stolen from me – the details of that I don’t have access to yet, so I can’t share any of that with you. I suspect it was stolen or held by those who didn’t expect me to survive this long – for their own reasons. But I simply don’t have access at this time, or I would gladly share it with you Lucretia. I’m dependent on the kindness of strangers and of course that of my brother – who I adore. And I don’t mind wearing hand-me-downs. Don’t mis-understand me here, It gives me the privilege of holding the title “Second Hand Rose”. I’m entitled to that.

But now I’m wondering about how YOU live. What kind of car do you drive? We don’t have a car parked in front of our tiny living/working quarters. We depend on DART which is the public transportation system here in Dallas when we need to go outside the proximity that our feet can take us. For example the once a month trip to the laundra-mat so that we can wash our clothes. Do you have laundry facilities that work in your home? When I need to wash my clothes more often, like my underwear and sleepwear, I do it in the bathtub when I shower. Do you have to do that? Do you want me to do your laundry?

Do you have a dishwasher machine washing your dishes? I hand-wash mine. My brother’s dishwasher was broken long before I arrived here nearly eight years ago. Do you want me to wash your dishes for you?

Do you have a full-sized refrigerator that works and makes ice? Ours was a 40 year old Whirlpool when it quit last year. I was amazed it lasted as long as it did. But of course when it quit, we lost a lot of good food. There was a $50 piece of brisket that I tried to give away to three neighbors, but they all treated me like I was trying to poison them. My brother had liberated it from the dumpster, so if they knew that, I suppose I understand why they would think so. For months we bought bags of ice to fill a cooler so we could keep perishables until someone helped us by giving us a dorm-room sized refrigerator. What a blessing! Do you need some ICE?

Do you have a full-sized oven that works? Only the broiler burner works on ours, but we have a toaster oven. The broiler burner on it doesn’t work. Oh the irony. I recently made cookies for my brother David. They were yummy. But baking bread is difficult. I have to put my focaccia bread under the broiler burner of the big oven for a minute after I take it out of the small oven so that it gets at least some modicum of a crust on it. Would you like some of my cookies or focaccia?

I won’t even talk about the bathroom. And you shouldn’t know about it, either.

I’m not complaining. I feel very blessed that I still have my life. It’s been in deep danger every day til now, though I was unawares. Guardian Angels protect me. And better people than me have it worse – like the Lakota.


Earth is The Michael’s bestowal planet. He chooses to whom His blessings are bestowed. He chooses when and how and in what form they are bestowed. I can only bless materially and/or Ethereally those whom He directs me to.

No negotiations, NO DEALS under His Table.

and no demands.

I AM Earth Avatar. Every system that you and I depend on is subsidized by the Planet I serve with joy and gratitude. Where’s yours?

At this point of proof-reading, my brother asked the question: "Where's your what?"

Good question. I'll just let the ambiguity play itself out here. But what I meant when I wrote it was this: "Where's your joy and gratitude?"

Now what were you saying about what I owe you? Of course you’re correct. I owe you a Medicine Wheel. Choose one, or it will be chosen for you.

oh, and one more thing Lucretia, as Columbo would say. Did you get the message I sent to you via a text portal yesterday? If you are in pain, this may help. There is one who suffered far more than you. Say His name, say His name, say His name: AZAZAEL. He has healing in His wings. << Updated 1-6-21 Sometimes I miss stating the obvious. Obviously. https://twitter.com/gaiasophiaearth/status/1479143823951507464

All the days of Ophiuchus

Here come the WaterWorks.
In Paris she said: “Why are you crying?”
He said: “I don’t belong in a world where you and I don’t end up together.”
In Osaka she said: “Why are you crying?”
He said:

We will always have Osaka, but we may not always want Paris.

France. Windmills cause change. “Abundance of caution.” Change causes inspection. He went to Paris but all he found there on that day was scrap metal. Do you know what I’m talking about? AMIL22.

The Diamonds in the sky are the brainchild of The Hathors, NOT Lucy, NOT Alice and certainly not anyone bearing the name Hilton. The Hilton Gate closed several years ago in the linear. Furthermore, Alice’s Dance Floor is no more. My Super Soldiers took care of that for us. Thank them. The business end of this is at the bottom of this message.


Now, let’s talk about reduction rolls… Mekong Swai (“Me Kong” *pounding his chest “you sway”. Titans are so weird, aren’t they?)

The cabal coded some Gene’s destined for the Navy: S.W.A.N.K. Rule 34: sealed with a nail and a kiss.

Some Diamond hands rejected the nail but wanted to keep the kiss. So they sent an envelope to Kissing(h)er with this on the seal: S.W.A.K. sealed with a kiss. He was a Crazy Horse wannabee.

The blood-diamond hands said “There are many ways to skin a cat.” Then euGenICs Russell Swank took a Camel cigarette and burned a brand into my right forearm at the hedge, in the presence of the neighbor Mr. Haul ’em beck (keys cause collars – mine is a Torc).

My "V" marked hand is no longer your rubber stamp, SWANKS. This is well explained after the next Intermission. Also, that "Treaty" with the off-worlders AND OTHERS exchanging their tech for our humans to be used for their food expired one year ago today.

Schrodingers cats said: “Many ways to skin a cat say you? None that the cat would approve of.” S.W.A.I. sealed with A.I. Then Musk Melon interloper advocated through actions, then warnings, the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence. Such a skill Elon – speaking out of both sides of your mouth like that – and that while it’s full no less. Is your full mouth preventing you from expressing gratitude? Can you explain what Matthew McConaughey’s “party favors” are in your shrinking world? Query to Elon. At this moment and others I don’t believe that your hybridization of my grandfather’s favorite fruit’s name (Musk Melon) is your >>actual<< name. Tell me what it is. You don’t have to tell me. MY channels will tell me. But it would be easier for you if you did.

Gramps picked up the Mekong swai fish gate at the entrance/exit of the Steinmart parking lot. No entrance, no exit for the Mekong Delta’s way. You think I’m slow? He’s still processing that Riverside Escrow account problem. Let him take his time, please. You might regret it otherwise. He knows something about shaved ice too. He calls them snow cones. True lies. uh oh. There will be no Death Star cement tomb for him, TXI. Who’s the actual Predator?

Schrödinger’s ÖTHER Cat said: “I like the A.I. idea – there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as it’s only Ancient Irish.” Then he bought the farm in Grayson County using his proxy Sears and shut down all the Sears stores.

Then the Sith Lord lost his skins games. ALL OF THEM including the Golden TEE, the cats, the ballerina dancer and his own daughter. Serpent toes are not for sealing baby flowers in bath water, Sith. Blossom is compromised too. I no longer trust White Cloud.

Personal: I’m not a Swai Fisk, I’m a Trigger Fisk, and I’ve never been a Sugar Plum Fairy regardless of the pageant performance I was required to do at the U.S. Bank Christmas party in Littleton, CO. TLILO. My Fairy aspect is TinkerBell as I inherited my grandfather’s tinkering gene. I’ve been triggered. ding, ding.

“Me Kong” *pounding his chest “you sway”

oh my goodness. The Mekong Delta variant. It’s beautiful how we heal each other’s wounds with highly cryptic humor. He has a nice yellow Wizard hat and I has kins.


Thistle and Thorn and Lynn’s Warriors (I have more for you on a lighter day, wait for it. We have to get past this sh*t first.).

I recall the day my arm was “branded” by Swank with a lit Camel cigarette.

X marks the spot

I was standing with my bicycle. It had a banana seat, and Mr. Hollumbeck (sp?) was on the North side of the hedge. A beautiful Weeping Willow was once in front of our house too, before the Richard Bey(e-Bay?) window was installed. There was no outcry from the neighbors, except the Kelloughs, but they couldn’t do anything about it because Swank was the Father Melchizadek at the time. I was living under his roof. Mr. Hedgefund knew what the burn was about, though.

What an “Experiment” you cooked up, Eartha. Are you satisfied now that it’s over? Would you like to start it up again? If you do, YOU will be the subject of it this time. Yes, YOU.  

And if I may digress for a moment… The Father Melchizadek pen passed to a “Knight” of Malta some time after I arrived in Dallas – during the TACO-MA days. This caused a stir in the CIA if you get my meaning. Did they ever complete that bridge? I’ll have to check on that one day. I’m too busy saving children today – and reading Amber alerts. This one is about a child abduction in Fairview, TX. She’s a W/F 14 year old named Haley Giandoni.

Russia, are you following where this is going? Be careful of your alignments please. I still have a soft spot in my heart for your Ringing Cedars, and I can see no reason – in this moment – why Russia should not span 12 time zones, but this will also require you to take care of the impoverished in what is now known as Ukraine.

Gramps did me the great service of burning off that Camel brand with a lit cigar on a recent Thanksgiving Day – at my request. Now every day is Thanksgiving Day for me. I’m grateful every time I see that permanent scar replacing the other one.



Now here’s the “business” end of this message.

Brantley.eth . Nobody “owns” Bird Tribe, and naming conventions are the domain of the Elohim. Only Kings are Queenmakers. Only Knights can become Kings – Princes rarely. Only Queens can make Kings. You’re not a prince, nor a Knight, nor a king. I’m the Kingmaker.

The Elohim own the ENS AND the DNS Systems.

My primary function in this incarnation and others is to make the Planet safe for The Kingdom. This is why the 5 wand/scepter System of Wizards must cease to exist moving forward.


Everything is always about the children.
Don’t forget this moving forward.

Let all things be known as the light of mutual love.

Updated 12/31/21: Response to Lucretia.