Wise Financial Planning

Money does not – and indeed never was it ever intended to buy “accesses”. You can’t buy bliss or entrance to Heaven or TIME with it for example. You may only use it to register your intent with the Universe. Then it’s up to the Universe to test the strength of that intent, the fitness of the intender and the readiness to receive. If those conditions aren’t met sufficiently, the intent is either shelved for later, or put into a bit bucket, or moved to another level, and your monetary investment is generally forfeit. Not always though. Sometimes all you get back is your monetary investment without interest from the Universe, but there may be “some” kind of interest from the Morphogenic field of the Earth. That interest may yield negative or positive returns for you depending on the energy signature of your intent.

Now, money isn’t the only way you may register your intent with the Universe. In fact, if you aren’t awake enough in this dark early morning light to notice this, let me light a candle for you. Acts of love, honor, service will ALWAYS put you to the top of the list of priorities for the Universe’s consideration. If all you have is money – where on that list do you think your request will appear?

Does this change your perspective on Prophets, False Profits and “passive” income? I hope so.

Time for a Smack Down

BENN’s Full Fulford: https://benjaminfulford.net

El Tin of Jupiter thought the Bennies were with the Jets. He was wrong. They are the members and the properties of the House of Ford.


Ozymandias’ Financial TYRAnny https://bit.ly/2BrXKLc

TY RA Banks told a fart joke and it almost caused her to become a Hatshepsut ghost story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAST139RPCo

Is my bias showing? Yes. You can call me Rita today. (inside joke for my Citizen Safety Committee friends)

Ok boys, duke it out.

House 222 T'd OFF

… as in “can’t ON” (regardless of how much they paid in green fees)

If you have the awareness to ask the question, you have the ability within you to evoke the answer from that asking. You can be your own Guru. Try it.

However, if you lack that awareness, but you perceive that something’s not right with the world around you, simply ask your Guides for both questions and answers.

Hello Central.
If your pets make messes, their handlers are responsible for cleaning them up. If that job is beneath them, then they need to be fired. Jungle Rules no longer apply in this type of scenario. You may not have gotten the memo. Old School rules apply now: YOU DON’T SHIT WHERE YOU EAT! It is the order of things.

The food handler with the Phoenix Feather, the Hollywood, the Oleander Hedge fund and the 50 yard line. I have Hollywood by the balls and I have GoodGrips.

more to come…

Turning red ink black and black trails white

Again, you have heard that it was said to the ancients, ‘Do not break your oath, but fulfill your vows to the Lord.’ But I tell you not to swear at all: either by heaven, for it is God’s throne; or by the earth, for it is His footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King (ed. debatable). Nor should you swear by your head, for you cannot make a single hair white or black. Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ Anything more comes from the evil one. Matthew 5:33
or no, no?

To do list:

  1. Avoid black trails
  2. Follow the ancients on theirs – regardless of their color
  3. Wear PINK, learn how to blush


Super Seeds, Ancient Grains, Belle Maison hand soap, l’Occitane hand cream, 4, C4. oh and snowballs in hell. And glass key tree – stay tuned. Z.O.R.T. hub to follow.
"The Heirship Trust includes all assets in existence and I, as originator and sole owner, am responsible for its care" Cindy K. Currier


CyntHia Kay Currier, you have placed yourself in a very precarious high place – at odds with your Creator. I wouldn’t want to be in your place in this moment – or even in close proximity to any who are aligned with you. I’m keeping my distance from y’all for reasons I am stating below. I could write a treatise on this, but I have more pressing matters at hand – like living my life. So I just offer this:

Why is there not one mention of The Father or Prime Creator anywhere in this poisoned-well document?

Reign of Earth? NO! The Creation is not greater than the Creator, and it should be abundantly obvious that because the Creator precedes and supersedes His Creation, He is the only one qualified to reign in it.

Cindy Schmitz (min pin – targetted: yes I figured it out. see below). It looks like you need some Grammerly spell check. From my perspective what you really mean by “reign of earth” is ‘rein’ as in reining in and controlling as you would a dead system. But Earth is a Living System. How can the dead rule the living? No. Living Systems shall never be ‘subsumed’ by dead systems neither shall they enter into and/or be compelled to honor covenants with the same.

Judge Anna von Reitz http://annavonreitz.com/forthealliance.pdf is the ONLY Fiduciary that Mother Earth (M.E.) recognizes at this moment in time.

Earth’s super seeds and Ancient Grains trump your subsumed ‘trusts’.

Statement 6 "… which deems Mother Earth…blah, blah, blah…to bring action to defend her rights"

Do you speak for Mother Earth? No. As a Sovereign, She speaks for herself if you would just listen to her inter-connected LIVING SYSTEMS the way they want to be heard. Look at your Section 2 SPIRITUAL PRACTICE. Do we all speak English? No. Do we all use words at all? Of course not. So how do you listen to a living system which uses no words in its communications with you? Spirit sustains all matter. I have no intention of splitting hairs with you on this subject, because some of what you identify in this section has merit. All I will add is that Spiritual Practices and paths must be discerned by each individual to whom that applies. Like so many things in this ridiculous document, spiritual matters are apparently above your pay scale – just like sacred geometry, art and music.

Mother Earth’s brothers, sisters, Family, extended family, friends and SuperFriends help her defend her rights as she helps them defend theirs. It’s a truly symbiotic relationship which you obviously know nothing about, and they reject your meddling with it.


Let’s talk about knowns, UNKNOWNS and Airships for a moment. http://annavonreitz.com/symbolsiconskeylons.pdf

“The followers of Baphomet have always been Corporatists. They change living bodies into dead bodies —- Corps. Get it?
That’s why they play games with legal terms like “natural person” in Probate Court, to mean “corpse”.” Judge Anna von Reitz

So, you’re saying that we shouldn’t practice ancient disciplines such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga et alia- why? Kundalini is a Life Force. Prana is a Life Force. A natural human under your definition is then dead. That’s how it looks from my perspective. And by any definition I subscribe to – YOU are the UNKNOWN and the one who calls Himself UNKNOWN is actually known – to me and those aligned with M.E. This is because HE is Prime Creator.

The Prime Creation knows and is known by the Prime Creator. In 3D he is kin 4. He defines in order to target, measuring awareness. Guess what – you’ve been targeted, and he’s not measuring awareness of Him in you. What is appearing on his screen looks something like a flat line.

So to flatland you must go, and I have no intention of interfering with that. I must attend to the Living Systems He has given me charge of – as best as I can – which leaves very little wiggle room in my budgets of time and space resources for your dead systems. Let the dead bury the dead systems then look to the living for Life and that in abundance.

Preserve life by living it not by controlling or reining in the Living Systems you do not understand, yet you depend on for that life.

Don’t be a Lead Zepplin full of hot gas.


Really? Whose? yours? I see no end to my vibrant and colorful carnation garden. The Creator owns us all in breath. If you would like to stop breathing that’s your business, not mine – your choice, NOT MINE.


If you have a Cyrano de Bergerac style nose which is quite sensitive to offensive odors, what do you do to make your life more tolerable? Do you cut off your nose? Or do you move it to a field of flowers? A bakery? A Citrus Grove? Do you get a rhinoplasty procedure? Humans need their holidays and celebrations. If there are odious occult practices associated with them, then THEY are what gets deleted NOT the holiday or celebration – generally speaking. Redefine – very finely


I have already responded to this here: https://gaiasophiaofearth.wordpress.com/2019/10/21/wise-financial-planning/

I would fire you, but I don’t remember ever employing you or your AJ proxy Pat Schmitz McKinster. Neither do I intend to ever employ you nor any of your cohorts nor any of your signatories on any round planet or moon in any of my realms.

You must all go to one of the tens and thousands of the flat earth realms that my son Absalom rules. And under his administration you shall remain until and to wherever he sees fit to release you.

CATCH AND RELEASE / Z.O.R.T and re-Z.O.R.T. (Zombie Outbreak Response Team) op Zombie Drop

I don’t know you and you obviously don’t know M.E. The “earth” planet you once perceived was not the Mother planet must be a Zombie world, so my Z.O.R.T. friends shall receive abundant funding to transport and keep the zombies where zombies belong and for the living to live lavishly with M.E. (https://schrodingersothercat.blog/2020/01/13/random-questions-for-monday/)

Bibble babble reference: https://biblehub.com/proverbs/13-22.htm

I’m washing my hands of you with Belle Maison hand soap the moment I step down from my soap box.

Then I’m putting l’Occitane hand cream on them and returning to the living business.

Earth is in Dar us Salam. Islam and Judaism are in Dar al Harb.

“We are children of war.” In other words: “We are fighting to preserve our way of life which is fighting.”


Not anymore. Earth needs to heal, and she’s had enough of y’all. You can go elsewhere to do that if you must. (Perhaps on another world you can learn how to make friends in peaceful places as well as the on the battlefield.)

And if her Celestial, Galactic and terrestrial brothers, sisters, friends and SuperFriends don’t eject you soon, Earth will likely swallow you up herself. She is hungry and thirsty for PEACE! and Righteousness.

#NOTFORSALE – A poignant message from The Judge.

Targeted. Former White Hat. Timmer Time Portal Green?

reference: https://www.azquotes.com/author/39299-Ali_Sina/tag/muhammad


A BAY HORSE is making it her Mission to pull a CART called…

…The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. Red Cross shall DOLE out boxes of blood soaked and cocaine infested greenbacks from PELOSI’s “sister” at LAND’S END (hole 9) to armies of clean-up crews. Will they succeed at picking up the human feces on SF streets and Rail System arteries – and the assholes that soiled them? Will that be sufficient to “launder” that “money”? Or will Julian Assange’s street artist tour need funding as well? Let’s find out.

Targeted: “sister” you forgot to drop a dime to MA BELL. Or was that intentional? Red Cross + Greenbacks makes Brown Note.

Targeted: to an off world, exiled, former “mother” figure of SCHMITZ blood. The ghost of the bay horse you boarded in a Beaver Creek, OR Barn – you know, the one you called “Babe”, is being securely held by the Banshee. She wasn’t possessed by demons – you were. That’s what she was tying to tell you. Banshee is also holding KC, and she’s not letting her go. Now ZEB(ulon) well… That’s another matter entirely, isn’t it? You FAILED the “What is love?” test so spectacularly that your life story will become required curriculum in the Scared Straight – Black Trails series. You’re famous.

Targeted: Mothers of Darkness. Brace yourselves. Here come the Sudoku WaterWorks. Love, EK-anon.


Targeted Message

You pretend to pay us and we pretend to not know that you know what we do for you.

Yet, we don’t work for you. We have our own reasons for doing what we do. This is our Creation – HIS Creation. And the fact that in your greed and ambition, you did your best to poison Her against Him and him against her doesn’t diminish our love for Them for for you.

No. Nevertheless, I’m sure you can appreciate >>WHY<< that fact prevents us from ever trusting you with anything valuable – ever again. You must go to where you are better served, because we don’t serve you anymore.

This is your last Christmas here. Enjoy it.


Q: What is the French word for bath? https://www.wordhippo.com/what-is/the/french-word-for-bathroom.html

Qs: Is your god a computer? Is it digital or analog? Are his seamen made of gold? Or are they made of Pearly gate stuff?

If you’re on the Road to Hell and there are no exits in sight, just keep going, but walk slow.

Targetted: If it’s too hot in the kitchen for you, then you may want to change your name back to KOCH. Jus’ sayin’. I know you have a gun, but you don’t have to use it. Think of it as an heirloom from my father Théoden King – which it is. Nevertheless, I want my Firestar 9mm back and my iron horse (if that’s even possible anymore). You know what you have to do… JKL(just keep living)

Oh by the way… Lynsey signed a Model Release… and well, y’all know the rest. HASH TAG NOT FOR SALE (we’ll get to that “Huck” guy in a bit)

Targeted: Sycamore Tree. Babushka Hope shall not be crocheting a bathtub for anybody. Don’t expect her to visit the Royal Purls anytime soon – if ever again. I mean that in the highest way of course. My knitting needles aren’t deadly ( neither are my box knives) – and those who always knew this are welcome in my home for creative sessions. Those with suspicious minds, need to learn how to ‘know’ people the way they want to be known and stop participating in vicious gossip. An ADHD guy coined a wise phrase: “I live vicariously through myself”. Good advice. It’s enough.


excerpt from http://www.adcfa.com/work/nirvana/?lang=ru

Art #NOTFORSALE, Figurative Art
She rests quietly in her stillness of mind after the fires of desire, aversion, and delusion have been finally extinguished. She has found her Nirvana.

Created in beautiful pearl metallic blues over a hand brushed pearl base layered on a specially-prepared canvas surface. Metallic mediums mixed into my paints create a glistening effect with the changing light, creating a new experience with each viewing. The graphic and energy burst is phosphorous – capturing light throughout the day and emitting a glow of energy. In this painting my muse is portrayed about life-size.

Completed on November 30th, NIRVANA is my fifth figurative painting for 2012, and features the beautiful Lynsey as my muse.

The graphic across the top of this painting is the binary code for “GOD”

G – 01000111
O – 01001111
D – 01000100