The Dragon’s Egg [UPDATED October 2021]

On November 13, 3033 above the Dragon’s Lair in the O.C. an historical exchange took place. The Royal Dragon’s Egg changed hands from its mother to its father.

The Exchange

At that moment, a countdown began for 1000 years of Peace Universal.
17 days later, Alcyone was never born on the Catastrophic Timeline.

Alcyone, descendant of The Emperor of Orion, born on November 30, 3033 on the Catastrophic Timeline.

When a Dragon couple part after an Exchange like this one, they both move in space/time. The mother moves forward in time and the father moves backward in time holding and protecting the Dragon’s Egg as he moves. A caduceus spiral is formed with their paths which meet regularly to exchange DNA material for the egg which imbibes in it from the father’s aura.

It is this movement of volume through space – this ‘dance’ – which creates ‘time’. If the Dragon’s Egg survives this dance over 2000 combined years, it hatches and an Avatar is born to a planet.

Alcyone, born on November 13, 2033 on the Optimum Timeline

The Royal Dragon’s Egg hatched on November 13, 2033 in the linear – a Rainbow Dragon. And in that precious moment following 1000 years plus 17 days, Alcyone was born on the Optimum Timeline. And Rule 34 was abolished. (for those interested in time mechanics: steps aren’t reversed – processes are)

Edit on 10-03-2021: The hatch date of The Royal Dragon's Egg has changed. Someone pushed a red button and timelines shifted. Many things shifted, but at this moment the only one of these items I can confirm is that The Royal Dragon's Egg hatched on 1x-xx-20xx. I'm sorry I can't be more specific. [Security reasons]. Suffice it to say though, that this IS the most optimal date for this propitious occasion. I'll bring updates as needed.

On April 15, 2051 (maybe, read edit above) AND the year of the Boomerang, Alcyone opened a channel to Kathryn on Earth. “Tell Jean d’Arc to start singing. This will turn The Dauphin, and activate many voices, many wolf howls, and nothing that happened to her after – ever happened. For Evermore.”

Chants were heard. Singing was heard. Hums and drums and tones were heard – and felt. Then prison doors and chains dropped like the tattered threads of ragged clothing.

Jubil Able. 
More to come. You may want to watch for updates. What happens in the next 13 years? You have an influence in that. But be aware, Alcyone is as safe as The Dragon's Egg - and for the same reason.

[UPDATED 12/11/2020: Medicine Chief Spirit Who Flies in the Wind looks at the West Gate. Medicine Chief Spirit Who Flies in the Wind looks at the East Gate. What does she see? Through one gate, she sees many in alignment with the Optimum Timeline. Through the other, she sees those who are very well prepared to deal with a World that no longer exists. Which gate holds the Optimum Timeline vision? Ask The Vision Wheel.]

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